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love is everywhere

But I don't want to bend down and pick it up. Экологического сознания псто! или как провести день валентина с пользой.


Чтобы расширять пространство любви, сортируйте мусор. Можно прямо в главный конфетно-шоколадный день. В Москве точно проверена точка "Сферы экологии". По ссылке очень подробный разбор, что и как можно сортировать - а привозить надо в "Артплей", 10 минут пешком от Курской, каждый день с 9-19. По завершении операции нужно наградить себя чудным фалафелем, кофем или бургером, которых есть там (еще пара книжных, выставок и прочих душеспасительных пунктов назначения).

Еще есть Экоцентр "Воробьевы горы", куда можно сдавать ненужную бижутерию, колготки и прочие девичьи детали (они там из них что-то артсуют). Там еще устраивают какие-то ликбезы, чем также занимается сайт группы Recycle. А Uniqlo стали принимать ненужные вещи их бренда - H&M все еще лучше и берут все, конечно.

Я тут проповедую не знаю кому, потому что все либо слышали уже от меня, либо никогда не прочтут этот пост, но почему-то крик души. Грешно-компенсирующей, видимо. Просто наслаждайтесь портретом просветленного хипстера и ее ресайклинга.

NB. This is a post about recycling & waste sorting which is so embryonic here my desire to move to Sweden rises x100 per piece of plastic, even though I only started two months ago and I'm by no means thorough. Anyway, you're only seeing it on your f-lists because I want to keep it public and thus unable to use my usual custom language-lock.
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the self-written legend

..with the embarassing cover I made in Paint. Well, I don't care. Me and Kvothe are fly like that. This one is also ooooold father William and ressurecting it didn't make it more comprehensive (Devi will curse me, I know). But here's what I got, with a slight slant of How Kvothe himself sees his story, as hamsterwoman requested so long ago.


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we are all embers from the same fire

As a sort of spring cleaning, I'm cleaning out my fanmix palette. I started working on this literally years ago, and I just want to get it out there and move on. Especially since I don't feel a lot of fanmixing in my future. Anyway, the story of Kelsier and his crew and Vin and Elend and Sazed and OreSeur. With many blank spots that could have been filled, I'll be the first to admit.

And happy International Women's Day!


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may (had been) deja vu

A couple days ago I realized I have a clear picture in my mind of my birthday mix - the one I sort of tried to cover up with that sad lovers/elopement OTP collection - because it's largely along the same themes, except with bonus, well, me, the May perigee moon, those Patricks I like so much, and 100% more misguided self-consciousness. Without further ado, the Actual Birthday Mix, with selfies, 'cuz reasons.

- now press repeat -


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vampires will never hurt you

I have two mini-mixes for you today, born, seemingly, of an absolutely warped mental state.

They are not really companion mixes, but maybe they are. They would not appear to be very 8th of March.. but I'm feeling it. Maybe you will, too.

Soulsucker Blues is angry swearing (literally, so heads up), smirks and sneers, or that last cutting remark you regret before it's out of your mouth, it's the mean reds, and the acid greens, it's every colour of the rainbow that you ever did not want to feel like that day, it's a slamming door, and the four-letter word is life. It could also be a vampire rocker ballad, your call.

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Know Woman No (besides being a weird bad translation pun) is a witch mix / picspam (a bit). It's a circle of hands with every nail painted and sharp, hair whipping in the wind and a loose-limbed fall, it's a smile that never breaks surface, and a bit of a fire in the stacks, and a trapped lighting.

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a devil's mixtape

So, because I have once again failed to congratulate the world on Elizabeth's existence in a timely manner, let me make up for that by offering music. As one does. So this is for antistar_e: happy birthday darling ♥ and the beautiful author of the story, Mary Borsellino, also sharpestrose on tumblr. The Devil's Mixtape can be found here on amazon. The art on the cover is by crowthis. QUOTES LOOK LIKE THIS. 

cover art by crowthis

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You never take me nice places anymore, baby

So, Alan unexpectedly happened. The boy is good at blindsiding people, you know? This mix is not The Mix I would like to give this particular Magnificent Bastard, it's created on the carcass of a discarded general Demon's Lexicon mix and I think focuses mostly on the ambiguity of Alan's persona, the jagged edges underneath the neat stitching, the insecurities and the excitement. 

I couldn't do the general mix among other things because antistar_e has this fantastic mix that owns my heart, and it was really hard for me to even try to do as well as Three Doors and Destroy Everything You Touch, and Bring Me Back a Dog, for that matter.

Either way, this is the result. I find it really hard to explain some of the song choices concisely, because many of them are ironic or inverted in some way, but feel free to discuss, if you like!


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never let me go, says the knife

Crawling out of my abominable hibernation tooth and claw, I give you a new fanmix for a series so emotionally stunning and so unapologetically frank that words fail me, which is why ended up a fanmixing machine in the first place. I am the circle and the circle is me yada yada.

This one goes out to alenky_cveto4ek: in fairness, it's in collaboration with her, as she brought in her superios judgement, wise beta, and many song suggestions -- but I want to claim all responsibility for the executive choices, especially the poor ones (cue my graphic skillz). Thank you, my dear A[nswer], for going along with me on this, and I hope the final thing pleases you (and if you see something that has not yet passed your scrutiny, I think it's because I, either out of disorderliness or subconscious desire to preserve some measure of surprise, have overlooked it).

There are few factual spoilers, but blanket ~vague spoiler warning for all three books. Everything in italics is a direct quote.


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